Shrink sleeves

Desmedt Labels Shrink sleeves


Extra added value for your product

Looking for a way to maximise your packaging’s marketing and promotional use? Do you run out of space with the usual self-adhesive labels? If so, shrink sleeves might be just what you’re looking for.

Shrink sleeves: your 360° packaging

Shrink sleeves are quite literally sleeves (wrapping) that shrink around your product and can be printed with a 360° design. The potential applications are virtually limitless. The sleeves can serve as decoration, but there are also other options available, to include promotional purposes and additional security (with a security seal or tamper-evident feature). This is all possible while perfectly preserving the integrity of your product.

Countless creative options

Your product will shine on its own with transparent foil, while specially designed packaging (e.g. the metallic shine of a tin can) can play a key role in highlighting your product’s best features.

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