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Sustainable solutions thanks to our CO2-Neutral® label

With Desmedt, you’re choosing labels that are produced better, faster and more sustainably. Together, we examine the possibilities for making your packaging comply to the increasingly strict guidelines and packaging legislation. This way, you’ll soon be able to guarantee your customers packaging with a smaller ecological footprint.

Our products

Desmedt continues to build towards a sustainable future

Desmedt issues a new Sustainability Report every three years. This Data Report complements and revises our Sustainability Report 2020-2022. In the intervening years, we provide a comprehensive overview of our metrics and accomplishments. The report also provides insight into the key objectives we aim to achieve in the coming years. This ensures our ongoing compliance with UN reporting requirements.

A nice reward for a holistic approach

Our years of sustainability efforts have paid off. All of our activities are driven by our core values, which include integrity, commitment and respect for the environment. By resolutely pursuing a strategic and proactive approach to improving our environmental performance, we were awarded the prestigious Flexo Tech Award in the “Environmentally sustainable company of the year” category.

Our ambitious approach was rewarded with a “Gold Medal”

Achieving the Gold Medal as recognition of our Ecovadis rating underscores Desmedt Labels’ commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship, good labour practices, ethical conduct, and sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform enabling companies to evaluate the sustainability performance of their suppliers, spanning across 150 sectors and 110 countries. The reliable assessments and user-friendly evaluation tools allow businesses to manage risks and encourage eco-innovations in their global supply chains. The EcoVadis solution has already been chosen by major global multinationals to evaluate their global supplier base.

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Quality guaranteed and certified methods

  • ISO 9001

    This is Desmedt’s guarantee that quality management is always at the forefront of the sale, printing and finishing of our self-adhesive labels.

  • ISO 14001

    The decision to work with a certified environmental management system is our conscious decision to systematically integrate sustainability into our processes.

  • ISO 45001

    The international standard for workplace health and safety.


    We adhere to the strictest BRCGS standards for every sector and application.

  • FSC®

    At every opportunity, we work with sustainably produced materials.

  • Full HD Flexo

    We go beyond the Full HD Flexo requirements in everything we do. We call this Ultra HD Flexo.

  • PEFC

    The world’s largest forest certification system guarantees the sustainable origin of the paper we use for your labels.

  • CO2 Neutral®

    This CO2 Neutral® label shows that we are actively measuring and reducing our climate impact – and, in addition, we offset any remaining emissions.

  • Ecovadis

    The Ecovadis rating highlights Desmedt Labels’ commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship, good labour practices, ethical conduct, and sustainable sourcing.

  • SDG Pioneer

    Every day, we dedicate ourselves to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

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Premium brands, private labels, market leaders and challengers in the food, healthcare, household products, detergents, and pharmaceutical sectors rely on us to create labels that perfectly display what their brands are all about.

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