Quality guaranteed and certified methods


Do you produce or process food? If so, you can confidently rely on us for your labels. We know the ins and outs of food safety processes and products and can guarantee perfect traceability.

As a result, we also possess the most stringent version of the BRCGS Certificate available. By permitting surprise audits, we provide you with the best possible guarantee with respect to food safety processes. This certificate proves that we satisfy global standards in terms of packaging and creating packaging materials for the food industry. This includes: conducting hazard and risk analyses for each step of the process, monitoring key phases of the production process, staff hygiene, the maintenance and condition of technical equipment, and order and cleanliness of the facilities.

BRCGS standards are complied with through the product of all labels, regardless of their application or sector. Only low migration inks are used in our production process. That means you always get the best guarantee from us when it comes to migration.

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Full HD Flexo

Desmedt is one of the first label manufacturers in Europe to have received the HD Flexo Certificate. And yet we still felt like we should take things up a notch. We developed an even higher standard to put on the market: Ultra HD Flexo.

Ultra HD Flexo technology takes flexography to unprecedented heights in terms of quality with: sharper images, stronger contrasts, clearer and more intense colours, flowing colour gradient to 0%, additional evening out of solids in the white or bright areas, etc. Thanks to the Ultra HD Flexo technology, flexography achieves a quality that’s higher than offset and digital printing and that matches that of gravure printing.

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The PEFC label is a trusted sign that the paper we use for your labels at Desmedt is sustainably sourced. PEFC is the most-implemented forestry certification system in the world. It is the only one in the world to maintain the highest ‘sustainable forest management’ standards. In practice, PEFC promotes forestry that is environmentally friendly, socially advantageous and economically sound. Forest certification of this nature is the best way to preserve our forests for the generations to come.

PEFC works in accordance with the ‘Chain of Custody’ principle. A step-by-step monitoring system for all elements in the certified timber flows: from the harvesting of the tree to the finished products. Every link in the chain must be in order. Only then will the product receive the PEFC label – your guarantee that it comes from a sustainably-managed forest.

At your request, we can integrate the PEFC logo into your product’s design. We will also add our registration number and the PEFC claim to your invoice. This allows you to trace your purchase back to its source.

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Achieving the Gold Medal as recognition of our Ecovadis rating underscores Desmedt Labels’ commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship, good labour practices, ethical conduct, and sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform enabling companies to evaluate the sustainability performance of their suppliers, spanning across 150 sectors and 110 countries. The reliable assessments and user-friendly evaluation tools allow businesses to manage risks and encourage eco-innovations in their global supply chains. The EcoVadis solution has already been chosen by major global multinationals to evaluate their global supplier base.

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SDG Pioneer

As part of the UN Global Compact’s Making Global Goals Local Business campaign, each year the UN Global Compact recognizes a class of SDG Pioneers — business leaders working at any level of their company who are using business as a force for good to advance the 17 SDGs.

Through Desmedt Labels or by mobilizing other businesses, we are helping to reach multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also contributing to business success.

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Desmedt also provides FSC® certified labels. These labels guarantee the sustainable forest management of the raw materials use to produce them. The internationally recognised FSC® label is based on the Chain of Custody principle, which means our suppliers also employ eco-friendly methods.

We use sustainable materials wherever possible. On request, we can integrate the familiar FSC® tree logo into your product’s layout. Moreover, we list our registration number and the FSC® claim on your invoice. This allows you to trace your purchase to the source.

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ISO 9001

Better, faster, and greener printing: it’s only possible if quality care and customer satisfaction remain at the forefront of your efforts at all times. You also have to be constantly improving and adjusting your processes. That’s exactly what we do by complying with the ISO 9001 system.

Our ISO certificate guarantees quality management is always at the forefront of the sale, printing and finishing of our self-adhesive labels.

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ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 is an international standard establishing the requirements for an environmental management system. The decision to comply with the ISO 14001 standard is our conscious decision to systematically integrate sustainability into our daily processes.

A holistic perspective is what drives ISO 14001. This standard guarantees that an organisation’s different departments rely on eco-friendly planning and operations. For each decision taken, we check whether or not a more environmentally-friendly alternative is available.

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ISO 45001

This international management standard is applicable to every professional organization. By achieving the ISO 45001 certification, Desmedt Labels guarantees a safe and healthy work environment.

Workplace health does not only mean physical health and safety. As a modern and responsible organization, you also prioritize the mental health and safety of your staff. Ultimately, this results in lower costs, a stronger reputation, and improved performance.

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CO2 Neutral®

The CO2 Neutral® label guarantees that Desmedt is making genuine climate-protection efforts. Together with CO2logic, we have analysed the emissions resulting from our activities.

By measuring accurately, we now know more specifically where we can reduce our CO2 emissions. We are committed to continuing to do better year after year. In collaboration with CO2logic, we are offsetting our climate impact of the CO2 that we continue to emit. In concrete terms, we support farmers in Zambia with agricultural improvement and forest protection projects.

The CO2 Neutral® label has been validated by Vinçotte since 2015. Thus, it is one of the few CO2-neutral certificates in the world that are recognized by an independent and international certification body.

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