Duo label

Three sides packed with information. Do you more than the usual amount of information on your packaging, e.g. safety instructions, legal provisions or instructions for use? Does it need to be in multiple languages? A Duo label might just be your solution.

Desmedt Labels Duo label


Three printable sides

Consider a Duo label as your solution if you don’t think a standard label would offer your enough space. That way you can print information on three sides:

  • top layer, front
  • top layer, back is visible when the Duo label is open
  • top of the bottom-most layer


The Duo label is resealable. That way your packaging is kept intact and all of the information on each of the three printed sides is always available. At the same time, your customer will have no trouble reading this information later on.

Different paper types

Your Duo label can be made of a single type of paper or different paper types with special properties. For example, you can combine thermal and non-thermal paper in a multilayer label.

We also make multilayer labels

Are Duo labels too small for you and do you still need more space? If that’s the case, check out our multilayer label that includes five or more printed sides. We can even incorporate a complete booklet in your label if that’s what you want!

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