These are tear-off labels for your promotions or direct discounts. An eye-catching coupon label makes your promotions or direct discounts really stand out.

Desmedt Labels Coupons


Perforated for easy tear-off

Part of the label is neutralised and perforated on a coupon, making it easy to tear off. The plain packaging remains after tearing off the coupon, with the rest of the label still stuck to the packaging. Is this explanation not clear enough? Watch the descriptive product animation on the left.

Coupons can be printed on both sides

Both sides of the tear-off coupon can be printed. For example, you can have an eye-catching call to action on the front side with instructions, promotion terms and conditions, and/or a barcode on the back.

Precision work

Combining technologies makes every coupon a challenge. That’s why you should leave the printing of your coupon labels to a specialist, such as Desmedt.

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