Piggyback label

A label with integrated stickers: piggyback labels are double-sided and either part of or the full label can be removed. The stickers can be peeled off of the label, with the lowest layer remaining stuck to the product.

Desmedt Labels Piggyback label



Piggyback labels can be used for a variety of applications:

  • savings cards and guarantee cards for promotions/campaigns, etc.
  • identification in a technical file (e.g. for batch numbers), a sales ledger (for a sale or clearance sale), a vaccination booklet (for medications), etc.

Single-sided printing

Piggyback labels can only be printed on the front side of the removable part. The bottom layer cannot be printed or written on. Do you also want to print this side? If so, we can make a dry-peel label or sandwich label for you.

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